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  A Revolution for Microsoft Dynamics  
Dynamics Downloads (DD) is a hub where Microsoft Dynamics End Users, Partners, Consultants and ISV's can sell, buy and download Add-On Solutions. Those who have developed a custom application, screen or report will have the opportunity to upload solutions to the Dynamics Download catalog for others to view and purchase. Dynamics Downloads provides great visibility for solution providers and facilitates getting Microsoft Dynamics enhancements to market quicker than ever.



Not A Microsoft Dynamics User?
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Dynamics Downloads Features & Benefits
clock 24/7 Access to an assortment of solutions
sale Freedom to offer free, trial and regular price solutions
question Eliminate the guess work and find what you want fast.
lock Secure Transactions
downloads Ability to immediatly download and install solutions
transfer Process all orders quick with a credit card through PayPal.
piggy Free Membership Options
people Connect With Partners and ISV's
How Does It Work? How Do I Upload? How Do I Buy?
All registrants, no matter your level of membership, will have the ability to upload custom solutions. Our team will then review, test and approve of submitted solutions. Once approved your solution will be available to the masses.   Once registered all members will have access to the Solution Upload Form. The Upload for will guide you through all required fields such as compatibility specs, your desired selling price and at least 1 screenshot. The actual solution upload must be zipped. Within your ZIP we require an installation guide as well as any other caveates required for your solution to sucessfully load and install. If our team finds that you have not met all requirements we will contact you and ask you to resubmit.   All of the approved solutions will be featured and located within our easily navigable catalog. Solutions are listed by ERP, Category, and Modules affected. For instance if you are in need of modifications to your standard Expense Report, all you would have to do is, in our search bar, type in Expense Report. Dynamics Downloads will then yield the most relevant results based on your query. You will then be able to review the product description, screen shots and price.


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